Posted by: wegottobefree | May 3, 2009

Pete Townshend Bloopers

I think my favorite is when Pete tried to do a high kick over his mic stand at Live Aid and fell flat on his back. What’s even funnier is that Roger started rolling around on the ground to make it look planned…

Pete falls off stage. Knowing that he didn’t get hurt makes it funny. Plus, he made it look cool. Lucky guy who got to play his guitar!

At the Bridge School Benefit in 1999, as Pete was talking a bit about how the atmosphere reminded him of the 60s, and suddenly apropos of nothing, blurted out “John Lennon? Yeah, I fucked him.”

He then turns to the back of the stage…. and notices several bleacher rows of children, the very young students of the Bridge School, who traditionally sit on the stage for the entire show.

Oops! Pete looked profoundly embarrassed and said, “I forgot where I was for a minute there!”

There’s a big one in the Concert for NYC. The bass and drums are out of sync during BOR. Once Daltrey started the harmonica part, Entwistle heard it and fixed it in a second.


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