Posted by: wegottobefree | February 23, 2009

the fearful, the foodhardy

by zoe

as a crowd of curious cowards

look onward to the wonderful, ravishing sea

hoping, yearning, wishing, wanting, dreaming

that one day they will embark from the dock

to start up the adventure

of this so called life

staring out from the harbor with desiring, lustful gazes

watching with envy at the few

who dare to step onto the rickety boat

with tattered but not perished sails

the spirited

the valiant

the defying

slowly drift away

from the pigeonhearted pack

navigating, floating, voyaging, whisking away as they please

one day, one day

the masses think to themselves

they will be one of the oh so coveted few

that embark from the dock

to rise up and truly begin their days

but what are their reasons for waiting?

will they ever realize

that life is now?



  1. hene hene kou aka.

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