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Zoe’s Top 25 Collection

There is so many more than just 25, I currently have over 200 albums on my Zune, all of which I listen to regularly.

1. Mona Bone Jackson – Cat Stevens – I listen to this so much. His raw emotion, the beautiful piano, his very distinctive voice. Plus, many of the songs are in my favorite movie, Harold and Maude, which always makes me happy. For example, the song I Think I See the Light plays when Harold had just faked a suicide where he goes up in flames, for the ‘benefit’ of his mother and the girl she has set up a date for Harold, and she goes running screaming out of the room. Harold’s uptight mother just looks at him and he turns his head to the camera and just ever so slightly smiles.

2. Help! – The Beatles – Not necessarily my favorite album of the Beatles, but this was the first album I heard of them, at the ripe old age of five. I distinctly recall sitting downstairs, next to the giant old CD player we had, huge, oversized headphones that barely stayed on my head, my step sister started playing the song Help! for me, and about 20 seconds in she skipped it. I said “Put that back!” and asked her who it was. “The Beatles.” This began my obsession of them. There is a video of me singing Octopus’s Garden in a go kart, people would try to pay me to sing Beatles songs, but I was usually too shy. I would listen to their albums over and over and over, daily, memorizing every single song, not quite understanding what the lyrics really meant, I just knew I loved the music and I couldn’t get enough of it. I would talk about them often in 1st grade, and nobody ever knew what I was talking about, except for the teachers.

3. Minstrel in the Gallery – Jethro Tull – In my opinion, Ian Anderson has the best singing voice of anyone out there. Close behind is Greg Lake and Steve Winwood. Lots of good songs on this album, not too heavy.

4. Those Were the Days – Cream – All of the songs Cream ever did, I love these 4 discs. Sunshine of Your Love is always good, my favorite song to perform. Love the great jams, with Eric Clapton’s awesome solos and Ginger Baker’s amazing drumming. It is hard to believe they were only together for two years.

5. Takk – Sigur Ros – Absolutely mind blowing album. I could play this album over and over for hours, and I have. It’s even more mind blowing when you watch their movie, Heima, which plays all the songs from this album to beautiful footage of their homeland, Iceland. I dream of seeing them in concert. Listening to this album has the ability to make me feel happy and calm and hopeful. Jonsi’s high range is breathtaking, plus he uses a violin bow on his guitar. That’s badass.

6. Tea for the Tillerman – Cat Stevens – Another favorite of the great singer. I love to listen to Miles from Nowhere and On The Road to Find Out when driving.

7. Revolver – The Beatles – Just a great collection of great songs from a great band.

8. Blind Faith Deluxe Edition – Blind Faith – I remember listening to Can’t Find My Way Home for the first time around 8 or 9 years old, and immediately learning the lyrics by heart and telling my brother to learn the chords so I would sing it at coffeehouses. Steve Winwood’s voice is mesmerizing. His range is incredible. Seeing him in concert is still one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

9. Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy – Mum – Another Icelandic band, with a very interesting sound. I love their unconventional instruments, including my favorite instrument, the melodica. Very fun to play along with the songs. Seen them in concert twice, and it was the best performance I have ever seen.

10. Excitable Boy – Warren Zevon – One of those albums where you can listen through the whole thing and love every single song just as much as the last. Love his offbeat, sardonic view that he always puts into his music.

11. Tommy – The Who – Another one of those albums I was obsessed with for a long time. I can honestly say I could probably sing the entire rock opera. Though Fiddle About is an awful song and I skip it every time.

12. Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust – Sigur Ros – Quite different from the calm, tranquile feel of Takk, Sigur Ros’s newest album has a very upbeat and exciting feel in the first half, and the second half is similar to Takk, but with great big drums that really make the album.

13. Oh, Introverted World – The Shins – The unusual, poetic and eccentric lyrics. “But when they’re parking their cars on your chest/You’ve still got a view of the summer sky/To make it hurt twice when your restless body caves to its whims/And suddenly struggles to take flight” They mask the dark, thoughtful lyrics by putting them to bright, uplifting tunes.

14. Action Packed: The Best of the Capitol Years – Richard Thompson – The gorgeous song Beeswing is in my opinion his greatest work. One of my favorite lyricists, and also one of my favorite guitar players, Richard has the ability to make it sound like there are three guitars, when really it’s just him. Brown hair zig-zag around her face / And a look of half-surprise / Like a fox caught in the headlights / There was animal in her eyes

15. Sense of Occasion – Fairport Convention – Edge of the World being the highlight of the great folk rock album, Chris Leslie has such a wonderful voice. Ric Sanders is the best celtic fiddle player out there. I also love the old stuff with Sandy Denny.

16. Greatest Hits – David Bowie – Love his interesting voice and catchy songs.

17. Works – Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Greg Lake’s beautiful voice. The lyrics and violins to Hallowed Be Thy Name. Great band.

18. Soundtrack to Season One – Flight of the Conchords – Absolutely hilarious. No matter how many times you listen to their songs, you still laugh out loud. Looking round room / I can tell that you / Are the most beautiful girl in the…room. / In the whole wide room / And when you’re on the street / Depending on the street / I bet you are definitely in the top three / Good looking girls on the street / Depending on the street

19. Legend – Bob Marley – Everyone needs some reggae in their music collection!

20. Lifted or the Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground – Bright Eyes – The lyrics Conor Oberst writes are comparable to Bob Dylan. And we’ll just keep working on the problem / we know we’ll never solve / of Love’s uneven remainder, / our lives are fractions of a whole. / But if the world could remain within a frame / like a painting on a wall. / Then I think we would see the beauty then. / We would stand staring in awe / at our still lives posed / like a bowl of oranges, / like a story told / by the fault lines and the soil.

21. Super Taranta! – Gogol Bordello – There were never any good old days/They are today, they are tomorrow/It’s a stupid thing we say/Cursing tomorrow with sorrow. I love this gypsy stomp band when I need a good party. Depth-charged, raucously quotable musical and philosophical groove, with great Russian violins.

22. The Very Best of Grateful Dead – Grateful Dead – Good ol’ Jerry Garcia.

23. Oracular Spectacular – MGMT – Very catchy electronic-rock group. I love synthesizers! I’ll miss the playgrounds and the animals and diggin’ up worms/I’ll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world. When Columbia Records asked them for a list of dream producers, they replied: Prince, Barack Obama, Nigel Godrich and ‘Not Sheryl Crow.

24. Nantucket Sleighride – Mountain – Good music to blast. West’s wailing, raspy voice, and great guitar solos.

25. The Ghost That Carried Us Away – Seabear – Yet another band from Iceland. What is with that country and amazing artists? Indie-folk band that has a clear, mellow sound of acoustic guitars and violins.



  1. every one of these bands is awesome. i have things to say about all of them, but i’ll tell you a surprising fact:
    i love mgmt and a few of my friends at gmc went to high school with one of the guys.

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