Posted by: wegottobefree | February 22, 2009

A post from Spacebook(MyFace)

1. There is a cobweb in the corner of my room that is in the shape of a kangaroo. I swear. I will never clean that cobweb, just cause of this. It’s been there about a year and a half.

2. My first word was Cheese.

3. On my 3rd birthday my grandma made me a cake and instead I wanted a pickle. My mom gave me a pickle and my grandma was very angry that I didn’t want her cake.

4. I’ve had a large array of pets in my lifetime. Two dogs, two cats, four hermit crabs, about 24 hamsters (They had babies…twice!), a fish, a bearded dragon, and five rats.

5. I drink Chai Tea every night out of a lovely mug I found at a thrift store. It was 69 cents, and is brown and tan and has a drawing of three spotted mushrooms on it. It is very 70’s.

6. When I was really little my Mom gave me a roll of sour blue Bubbletape. I ate all 6 feet of it, not knowing you weren’t supposed to swallow it, and threw it all up.

7. I pass out at random times. Last year I passed out in science class and I woke up on the ground to hear a boy in the class say, “Is she dead?”

8. I love instruments. I have a ukulele, a melodica (My favorite of them all), a hammered dulcimer, a zaphoon, a tin flute, and I will soon have a fiddle.

9. I heard the Beatles when I was only 5, and was immediately drawn to them. I got all of their albums and learned all of their songs by heart, often dancing around and singing their songs all day long. I still am in love with him and am going to get a tattoo of one of their lyrics, “We got to be free” .

10. That said, being the only hippie in Elementary school made me an outcast, when everyone else was listening to Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys.

11. I loved Ramen noodles so much that instead of calling them Ramen I would call them Zoe Noodles.

12. I am fascinated with Ivan the Terrible. His whole life was so tragic, even though he killed a million people and “Deflowered thousands of virgins and beheaded a similar number of their offspring”, I can’t help but feel bad for him.

13. I love things that most people would think are ugly. My favorite animals are Anteaters, lobsters, and yaks.

14. I’ll buy the dented can at the supermarket because I feel bad for it, and I will pick the sickly pumpkin from a pumpkin patch, because nobody else is going to.

15. One of my goals in life is to punch someone in the face. I’m only gonna do this if they really deserve it, though, and I have yet to be around someone who really deserves it. One day, though…

16. I think if I could have one wish it would to be able to learn a language fluently in like two weeks. I love languages but I absolutely suck at learning them.

17. I sleep with a huuuge fluffy duck named Quacks.

18. I often have a smoothie for dinner. I absolutely love smoothies.

19. Indian and French food are my favorite types of food.

20. I’m really ready for the warm weather. All this snow and coldness and getting dark at 6pm is getting old.

21. I recently pirated the three original episodes of Wallace and Gromit. Takes me back. “Wensleydale!”

22. After I read a book, no matter how good it is, I don’t like rereading it. I feel like I am wasting my time because there are SO many other great books out there I still gotta read. But when it comes to movies, I love watching the same movie over.

23. I love change and I love going to new places and experiencing new things. I get bored fast with things, so I can’t wait until I can drive so I can go out on my own, since nobody else seems to have the sense of adventure that I do.

24. It makes me sad that my children aren’t going to have the awesome cartoons that my generation did. Hey Arnold, Doug, Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Rocco’s Modern Life…

25. I really can’t wait until I am out of high school. I think college is gonna be infinitely better.


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